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EOS ALM Expansion

EOS recently completed its $2 million investment in the North American market, bolstering its AM materials development and production, and customer service and supply-chain capabilities.

EOS’ new investments come at a time of growing demand for additive manufacturing technology and expertise in the North American market. Applications for AM in aerospace, medical devices, automotive and beyond have expanded, with many organizations looking to increase their existing AM capabilities. Over the past year, EOS’ install base grew 25 percent and the company launched several new offerings and AM production level systems.

Advanced Laser Materials (ALM), an EOS subsidiary dedicated to the development of high-value materials for use in industrial 3D printing, doubled the size of its Temple, Texas facility to 23,000 square feet. This includes an expanded research and development lab where ALM partners with customers on formulating, testing and manufacturing new polymer AM materials. ALM also increased warehouse space for improved logistics to handle up to four times its current customer deliveries.

“The primary goal of our investment at the Temple facility is to boost our ability to rapidly create new materials for additive manufacturing. More and more, we see that specialized material solutions linked with the systems and processes supplied by EOS are a key element of success in this industry,” said Donnie Vanelli, COO of EOS North America. “Over the past several years, we’ve partnered with companies from aerospace to medical industries to develop new AM materials and designs to better serve their business. We’re looking to do more of that.”

Adjacent to the EOS Pflugerville, Texas, Technical Center, the company has increased its warehouse space by 45 percent, making notable improvements to operational effectiveness, accuracy and safety of the facility, and ability to service North American customers quickly. Newly gained space provides room for adequate inbound and outbound, pick, pack and ship area, while the new space and layout simplifies access points to increase EOS’ ability to get parts to customers overnight.

“An all-new warehouse can sound a bit dry, but this gives us significant improvements to our operations, which is critical as our installed base of systems grows, “said Cornelis Hagen, Warehouse and Logistic Manger, EOS North America. “Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and the new space allows us to do that in a more accurate, effective and cost-efficient manner than before.”

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