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EOS jointly with UseTree is proud to announce that it won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2018 in the ‘Apps / Software’ category for the intuitive user interface of their EOSPRINT 2 software. The iF DESIGN AWARD, organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH since 1953, is among the most prestigious and largest design competitions in the world. It is recognized as a symbol of design excellence and for this year’s award welcomed over 6,400 submissions from 54 countries.

The EOSPRINT 2 software user interface won over the 63-member jury, made up of independent experts from all over the world, with its intuitive and open approach. The jurors were convinced that it truly supports engineers in their daily work and is a great example of how complex processes become more accessible through design, as such empowering the users.

Industrial 3D Printing as provided by EOS is changing the way companies design and manufacture their products. Providing freedom of design, the technology enables highly individualized products in the medical industry as well as serial production of high quality components in the automotive and aerospace industry. It is currently one of the key drivers toward the digitalized factory of the future. It is a game changer which can enable companies to react in a more flexible way towards ever shorter innovation cycles and changing market requirements. The technology supports companies in both protecting their existing business against an ever tougher competitive environment and in developing completely new business areas.

As part of their software suite, EOS with EOSPRINT 2 is offering an intuitive, open and productive data preparation tool designed to assign and optimize build parameters for CAD data for industrial 3D printing on EOS systems. The software defines the exact path the laser takes during the part build process, as such influencing surface finish, tensile strength and build speed.

Gerd Denninger, Product Manager at EOS concludes: “We are very proud of having received this iF DESIGN AWARD together with the team from UseTree. It is a seal of excellence and quality that is greatly supporting our approach towards constantly making it more and easier to apply 3D printing as an established method of manufacturing.” He continues to say: “We decided to fully re-design EOSPRINT in 2016. The user interface of the previous version was complex and developer-driven because it had been growing organically for more than 15 years. So our clear goal was to create an outstanding user experience that makes it easy and enjoyable to use our technology.

Ariane Jäger, Senior UX Consultant at UseTree agrees and adds: “As a partner of EOS for this re-design, we had to build up a deep understanding of the issues and diverging customer requirements first. We analyzed the technical processes and in a next step translated them into simple intuitive sequences that take into account different knowledge levels and user needs.”

Today, EOSPRINT 2 offers a workflow-based approach that reflects the additive manufacturing process. Tools and features behave context-sensitive to each step in the workflow – easing the daily work of engineers. It comes along with a clear, contemporary and professional appearance of the surface. As such, EOSPRINT 2 demonstrates how complex processes can be made more accessible through design.

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