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The DXV by American Standard collection of 3D printed faucets ― the Vibrato, Trope and Shadowbrook styles ― have been named a Silver Winner in the 36th annual International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) announced by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) on August 17, 2016.

The 3D printed residential faucets are among more than 1,700 projects from 30-plus countries that competed in IDEA 2016. The Vibrato, Trope and Shadowbrook models are the first-ever collection of 3D printed metal faucets created using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), a revolutionary additive manufacturing process. While this technique has been used to create prototypes for years, these are the first ready-for-market residential faucets printed in metal.

The faucets are printed using a computer-guided laser beam that fuses powdered metal into the desired shape with high heat and pressure. A solid metal block gradually arises out of the powder, and is then hand-finished to smooth extraneous metal and reveal the design. In a revival of bespoke craftsmanship, the faucet is then hand-finished by an artisan who gives it a rich, fine patina and feel that mimics the texture found on antique silver pieces.

This 3D printing process opens up exciting possibilities for the design and function of faucets, enabling avant-garde ways to present water and completely redefine the user experience, as each of the DXV 3D printed faucets distinctly showcases.

"Winning the prestigious IDEA Award is quite an achievement and speaks volumes about the ambition, creativity and determination of the DXV product design team," said Maha El Kharbotly, chief marketing officer of LIXIL Water Technology Americas, the global business unit under which DXV operates. "We foresee that 3D printing will have a major transforming effect on the building and construction industry. Our 3D printed faucets represent the commitment of DXV to be a leader in this paradigm shift by designing products that will enhance the quality of consumers' lives."

Jury Chair Cameron Campbell, IDSA, led a team of global design experts to judge more than 600 finalists from June 3 to 6 at the iconic Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. IDSA announced 63 Bronze winners on July 1. Then on August 1, in a grand IDEA 2016 Ceremony at The Henry Ford, 26 Gold and 47 Silver were honored. "IDEA has an incredible legacy of establishing the best in international design," says Campbell.

These 3D printed faucets from DXV by American Standard will be available in select showrooms in 2016. The Vibrato faucet is priced at $19,500, the Trope at $17,000, and the Shadowbrook at $18,000.

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