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DSM announced the introduction of Somos® Taurus at the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG). Somos Taurus is the latest addition to the Somos SLA material portfolio which expands its product offering for elevated temperature performance.

Somos Taurus is the first SLA material to be both durable and have the ability to withstand elevated temperatures. With a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 95°C (203°F), fully functional parts can be created for applications that have more stringent high heat requirements for prototyping or low volume end-use parts. The material is charcoal grey in appearance giving it the look and feel of traditional thermoplastics. In addition, Somos Taurus builds quickly and is easy to process, clean and creates parts with smooth surfaces, fine features and details.

“We are thrilled to expand the performance of our high impact family of materials,” says Jasper van Dieten-Blom, Global Marketing Manager Somos Materials. “The higher HDT of Somos Taurus allows us to expand into new applications for the automotive, aerospace and electronics markets where high temperature performance and durability are required. We are excited to deliver this material to our customers and provide them with even more uses for SLA 3D printed parts.”

“We are proud to work so closely with Somos and be involved in the alpha and beta testing of new products. It has been a great experience to work together on the development of Somos Taurus,” says Gerard Winstanley, Toyota Motorsport GmbH, Manager Composites Fabrication and Additive Manufacturing. “Our engineers and technicians have been working with the Somos team to optimize the material for real-world motorsport applications. We are extremely excited with the durability and side wall quality of the parts. The added temperature resistance of the material has allowed us to expand where we use the material to test new prototype parts for our high-performance race cars, giving us a competitive edge in design and testing.”

Somos Taurus is the first of several high-performance SLA materials to come from Somos that combines the toughness and temperature combination that is required for end-use applications.

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