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Carbon announced the addition of two 3D printing service bureaus and contract manufacturers to its customer portfolio. Dinsmore Inc and Midwest Prototyping now offer their customers access to Carbon’s M1 printer and Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology. With CLIP, the two bureaus’ range of customers – from automotive and aerospace, to consumer and medical – are now able to produce polymeric parts that have the resolution, surface finish and mechanical properties required for both functional prototyping and final production.

“At Carbon, we’re working hard to deliver CLIP into the hands of the engineers and designers who will transform industries,” said Joseph DeSimone, CEO and co-Founder of Carbon. “With access to the M1, these leading service bureaus can better serve their innovative customers, and make a real impact in a number of industries. They are key partners on our journey to disrupt the manufacturing landscape.”

“The future of additive manufacturing lies in the ability to produce end-use parts,” said Jay Dinsmore, CEO and President of Dinsmore & Associates, Inc. “Carbon’s offering is truly innovative because of the range of materials we can print with, the quality of parts that come off the M1 machine, and the speed at which we can achieve the desired end-use results.”

The M1 is a powerful new tool for product design and manufacturing. For the first time, it’s possible to 3D print isotropic parts with mechanical properties and surface finish like injection-molded plastics. No other additive technology delivers the synthesis of fit, form, and function needed to bridge the gap between prototyping and manufacturing.  The M1 leverages a range of materials which are designed to meet engineering requirements — from the elongation and resilience expected of an injection molded polyurethane elastomer, to the temperature resistance of a glass-filled Nylon, and many more. Carbon currently offers five commercially available resin families.

“What excites us the most about our new relationship with Carbon is their dedication to the development of engineering-grade materials – not only in regards to the breadth of available options, but also the quality of those materials ready for everyday, real-world applications,” said Steve Grundahl, President and Founder of Midwest Prototyping.

Since unveiling CLIP in March 2015 and launching the M1 printer in April 2016, Carbon has set forth a bold vision to accelerate and reshape the future of manufacturing by introducing the world to the possibilities of a future fabricated with light.

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