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The US military is moving into a complex international environment that requires it to further develop its equipment and prepare its personnel, force structure, decision-making capabilities, and concepts of operation for a more interoperable and expeditionary approach, one with greater asset visibility and a decreased logistical footprint. Key technological advances will help foster an informative discussion that is focused on overcoming critical challenges related to the coordination and execution of military logistics in deployed environments.

In response to these initiatives, DSI has designed a forum that will focus on optimizing the supply chain in order to support a leaner, more agile military force. DSI’s Defense Logistics Technology Summit, will engage US military commands, academia, and technology providers in a collaborative, open forum to discuss emerging technology and best practices for the optimization and transformation of the US Military logistics supply chain.

Some of the broader topics that will be discussed in this forum will include: near-term prospective uses for additive manufacturing and 3D printing, opportunities to further utilize the IoT in support of military logistics, the increased need for asset visibility and resource management technology, strategies to further reduce the military logistics footprint and efforts to improve the mobility and sustainment of resources as they pass through the military logistics supply chain. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all services and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers.

Attendees Will Hear Perspectives from Keynote Speakers Including:

  • Dr. Jerry McGinn, Principal Deputy Director, Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy, OUSD (AT&L)
  • Rear Admiral Vincent L. Griffith,USN, Director, DLA Logistics Operations (J3), Defense Logistics Agency
  • Vice Admiral Philip H. Cullom,USN, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Fleet Readiness and Logistics
  • James Alexander, Product Lead, Automated Movement and Identification Solutions, PEO EIS, USA
  • Dave Hansen, Program Manager, PMW-230 Global Combat Support System, USMC

Please note, seating will be limited in order to allow actionable discussion and dialogue amongst speaker and attendees. Early Registration has now begun. Register now to reserve your seat. Active military, government and personnel attend complimentary.

The Defense Logistics Technology Summit provides opportunities for exhibits, product demonstrations, and luncheon receptions for Defense and Government industry leaders. Showcase the latest technology offerings and today's most innovative solutions.

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