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Croom Precision Medical Renishaw AM500 Machines

Croom Precision Medical, based in Limerick – Ireland, has over 34 years experience in partnering with global healthcare and aerospace companies as an outsourced manufacturing service of high precision components and medical devices.

The company began its additive manufacturing journey back in 2007 with the design, manufacture and supply of 3D printed polymer tooling and consumable items to its customer production lines through SLA and FDM technologies. The focus soon turned to metallic based systems in 2012 to serve the companies growing international customer base.

Over the past number of years, the team at Croom have taken part in a number of academic research papers surrounding the characterization of mechanical, morphological and chemistry properties in a number of titanium materials. The facility, which is FDA registered, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approved, gained AS9100 approval in September 2017 in keeping with its customer requests. This brought the team of 42 people to invest in the Renishaw AM500 machines with Renishaw’s process monitoring software.

The company continues grow its technical knowledge base through its historical expertise in powder metallurgical analysis, dry & wet powder removal, dry machining, powder handling, CNC post processing and both contact and non-contact part inspection. With a dedicated research, development & innovation (RDI) team to AM tasks, the company has been the backbone of several AM products routing through 510K in addition to supporting a cost competitive aerospace market. With industry development partners such as Betatype, Renishaw and AddiHive, the company strives to accelerate the uptake of AM through industry leading process technologies.

Patrick Byrnes, Research and Development Manager - Additive Manufacturing did not happen by accident for us here in Croom, we have been lucky enough to grow with a number of multinational customers operating in the space over the past two decades. We now have four post doctorate and four master degree students working on AM full time to serve our industry partner needs. We are an SME company and it has become clear over the past 12 months in particular, that it is very rare to see an SME with this level of technical capability and quality knowhow.

Croom Precision Medical has started its 24,000 sq feet expansion on its site in order to facilitate growing demands.

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