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EOS M 100

Cooksongold, part of the Heimerle + Meule Group, continues their additive manufacturing partnership with EOS for use of the technology in the jewellery and watch industry as well as for broader industry applications. Cooksongold launched new precious metal parameters for the EOS M 100 System that will replace the system formerly known as PRECIOUS M 080.

David Fletcher, Additive Manufacturing Business Manager stated: “Cooksongold provide wide ranging solutions for precious metal additive manufacturing which includes powder production, parameter development and the Cooksongold 3D bureau service. Working in conjunction with EOS, we have now developed parameters and powders suitable for use on the EOS M 100 system.”

The range of gas atomised precious metal powders developed by Cooksongold ensure that the powder composition, flow characteristics and particle size distributions optimize performance in the EOS M 100 system for platinum, gold and silver alloys available. As a precious metals expert, Cooksongold have vast experience in handling and supplying precious metals. Their supply chain for powder and supporting recycling and finance options are all key elements of dealing with precious metals that Cooksongold have developed over years of experience. These are utilised to reduce the initial capital expenditure for their clients when beginning their journey with additive manufacturing of precious metals.

The EOS M 100 builds upon the qualities and powder management process of the PRECIOUS M 080 system, whilst maintaining suitability for precious metal applications such as jewellery, watchmaking and industrial products. The precious metal parameters enable users to produce stunning designs, each optimised for use in the EOS M 100 system. The system’s 200 watt fibre laser guarantees optimum, constant processing conditions for the production of high-quality, highly complex and sophisticated 3D components with a high detail resolution.

The system enables a very cost-efficient production due to its building volume as well as its efficient recoating and exposure strategy. As a result, parts can be produced quickly and in small quantities. Secondary time can be reduced as well based on the modular inner design and the powder supply bin. Setup and shutdown only take minutes, changing material is straightforward and maintenance is done quickly. The powder management process is developed for the needs of the jewellery and watchmaking industries, ensuring full accountability of the valuable powders and providing quick metal changeover through its cartridge-based system.

Markus Brotsack, Partner Manager at EOS added: “We are proud to continue our successful partnership with Cooksongold, which was already established 2012. The EOS M 100 system increases productivity and ensure high-quality end parts as we know them. Based on our technology, EOS together with Cooksongold plans to develop processes for industrial precious metals applications too.”

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