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Cooksongold, part of the Heimerle + Meule Group together with strategic partner EOS, has announced the launch of the PRECIOUS M 080 Direct Metal Laser-Sintering (DMLS™) system at the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair 2014. Dr. Adrian Keppler, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at EOS states: “This Additive Manufacturing (AM) process introduces an innovative and paradigm shifting technology to the luxury goods industry. With Cooksongold we found the perfect partner for the extension of our technology into this industry. Additive Manufacturing paves the way for a completely new approach towards design and manufacturing, enabling the design-driven manufacturing the industry has long been searching for.”

With AM, Cooksongold will support the most demanding jewelry brands in the creation of entirely new product lines that meet their high quality standards. David Fletcher, European Product Manager at Cooksongold, explains: “Utilizing the power of 3D CAD design, DMLS technology will challenge a designer’s imagination and enable the creation of jewelry and watch components that previously would have been impossible to successfully manufacture. AM will change the economics of producing watch and jewelry products by offering a streamlined manufacturing process that dramatically reduces the time required from design conception to final part realization. DMLS will also enable the production of design driven pieces that are not limited by the restrictions of conventional production techniques such as lost wax casting, eliminating many process steps and costs that we normally encounter.”

At Cooksongold, product and service offerings will range from the sale and installation of a PRECIOUS M 080 machine and the supporting supply chain for jewelry and watch production including licenses, Advanced Metal Powder, and software and training. Cooksongold will also provide consultation for a DMLS-driven design process and bureau service production of bespoke precious metal parts.
The PRECIOUS M 080 system is equipped with a 100-watt fiber laser, providing exceptional beam quality and power stability. This guarantees optimum and consistent processing conditions for highest quality part building. The system has a small spot size with excellent detail resolution allowing the creation of even the finest structures.

It is designed to ensure maximum accountability of the precious metal powder used in the process. The system also enables a quick turnaround between jobs and materials via its unique cartridge-based system which includes an extraction cartridge for easy removal of powder. The PRECIOUS M 080 has an 80 mm diameter round build platform with a working stroke of 95 mm (high, including building platform). The Advanced Metal Powders produced by Cooksongold have been optimized to match the performance of the Precious M 080 system, ensuring that customers can start building parts immediately upon machine installation. Currently the system can build parts using a variety of gold alloys and future development of additional materials to meet customer requirements is planned.

During the design process, it is key that customers design with the capabilities of DMLS in mind and that they follow some critical design guidelines in order to achieve the best results. This will enable designers to produce pieces previously unachievable by conventional production methods. A copy of the design guidelines can be accessed via the Cooksongold DMLS website.

Cooksongold will provide clients with detailed and fully comprehensive training packages for PRECIOUS M 080 machine operation and designing for DMLS. Training can either take place at the Cooksongold production & technical facility in Birmingham, UK prior to installation or at a client’s facility after machine installation.

EOS and Cooksongold recommend familiarizing yourself with the capabilities of the process first. For this, Cooksongold has introduced a number of offers which are available for potential system purchase customers and bureau service customers. This will enable clients to test DMLS with their designs to begin to understand the benefits of the technology.

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