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Boltenstern 3D Printed Jewelry

COOKSONGOLD is excited to announce that BOLTENSTERN is launching a commercial jewelry collection directly 3D printed in precious metal with the EOS PRECIOUS M 080.

BOLTENSTERN in a unique partnership with COOKSONGOLD marries deep knowledge about computational technology with traditional craftsmanship. By integrating COOKSONGOLD’s Direct Precious Metal 3D printing know-how and EOS Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology, BOLTENSTERN is able to produce the first fully 3D printed fine jewellery collection.

Combining platinum and 18ct gold with precious stones allows for realising endless variations of customized creations. The collection ranges from bracelets, earrings, rings to necklaces and cufflinks. The price points vary between 75 and 75000 Euros. In assembly, the elements generate patterns of a star, a cloud and a flower. When combined, the elements of the Embrace structure playfully move adding a new sensual experience to the jewellery.

‘Jewellery is architecture in its smallest form. It is only by thinking in multiple dimensions that we can create pieces that are incredibly complex, yet desirably simple.’ states Marie Boltenstern, Head of Design at BOLTENSTERN. Coming from a background in architecture with specialisation on computational design, Marie knows how to build algorithms generating 3D shapes and jewellery collections of never-before-seen complexity.

‘The Embrace collection embodies precious materials embracing colourful joy. The key element of the collection is a gemstone, woven into a fine structure of precious metal. The fragile cage protects the inner beauty of the tender and unique gemstone. For me as a designer, Embrace reflects the modern woman with her shining inner strength.’

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