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Cincinnati Incorporated SAAM 3D Printer

Cincinnati Incorporated (CI) will launch a new high temperature version of its popular SAAM (Small Area Additive Manufacturing) 3D printer series at FABTECH 2018 on November 6 - 8 in Atlanta.

The SAAM HT 3D printer is the next step up in additive manufacturing, evolving from processing common plastics like PLA to 3D printing the highest performance polymer and composite materials. Constructed from an all-metal enclosure and frame, it has a nozzle that can sustain temperatures up to 450 degrees C (842° F) and a bed temperature up to 260 degrees C (500° F). This allows the system to process materials such as ULTEM™ for the aerospace industry; PEEK, for use in medical applications; and polycarbonate for applications requiring high impact strength and heat resistance. SAAM HT is ideal for the manufacture of any tooling involved in high temperature operations such as parts that need to go into an autoclave for sterilization. The system can also be used for small batch production (from 10s to 100s of parts per run) courtesy of its patented automatic-ejection mechanism.

“All materials compatible with SAAM can be used on the HT version,” said Chris Haid, General Manager of the NVBOTS Business Unit at CI. “This level of versatility makes it a valuable asset in any manufacturing setting. We are enabling manufacturers and engineers to create the custom parts they need for their most demanding applications.”

Like the original version, the SAAM HT uses fused filament fabrication (FFF) technology to 3D-print parts directly from a CAD design using CI’s purpose-built 3D printing software and certified materials.

Continuous automated operation with SAAM HT enables high-capacity 3D printing of functional parts without the need for a dedicated operator. Parts are 3D printed and then ejected into a storage chamber, readying SAAM HT to begin producing the next part automatically.

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