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2018 RAPID+TCT Award

RAPID + TCT is considered one of North America’s most notable conferences for the additive manufacturing (AM) community. Each year, industry professionals convene to learn about the latest technology and processes, network with others and discover who deserves a little extra recognition through three awards presented by the conference.

The Exhibitor Innovation Award, the first of the three, recognizes the most innovative new products or services being exhibited at the show. The People’s Choice Award is determined by popular vote of attendees during the show and is intended to recognize the most interactive, impressive and engaging booth. The Industry Achievement Award, the final of three, recognizes an individual, team or company for their impact on the industry.

With RAPID + TCT being one of AM’s biggest annual events, it only makes sense for its three awards to be 3D printed. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off what the technology can do for the audience who appreciates its value the most. This year, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing had the pleasure of printing the awards.

The three awards were printed using a combination of direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and laser sintering (LS). Both the People’s Choice and Exhibitor Innovation awards were printed with FDM and DMLS, using ABS and Aluminum. The Industry Achievement award, on the other hand, used DMLS and LS and Stainless Steel and Nylon materials. This award in particular was created to showcase what 3D printing can achieve with ease – an organic cellular design, one that would’ve been difficult to accomplish with traditional machining. Each award underwent a combination of sanding, polishing, coating and assembly to get the desired finished look.

This year, the community has recognized two leaders in additive manufacturing with its 2018 Industry Achievement Award: Carl Deckard, PhD, chief technical officer, Structured Polymers, and Joseph Beaman, ScD, FSME, the Earnest F. Gloyna regents chair in engineering for the University of Texas at Austin. Deckard and Beaman, the co-inventors of selective laser sintering (SLS), were recognized for their significant and continued impact on additive manufacturing through the development of processes and technology applied in industry.

“Carl Deckard and Joe Beaman have both been instrumental in the development and expansion of global additive manufacturing,” said Jeff DeGrange, chief commercial officer, Impossible Objects LLC and chair of SME’s Additive Manufacturing Community. “The impact of their research, development and application of groundbreaking technologies cannot be overstated. We’re proud to recognize them with this award.”

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