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Carbon Production Network

Carbon announced the addition of partners Bright Plastics, Dependable Plastics, Diversified Plastics, Element Packaging, Gallagher Corporation, Nicolet Plastics, Prattville Machine & Tool, and Resolution Medical to its Carbon Production Network, which now includes more than 20 U.S. partners and is rapidly growing.

“An important part of Carbon’s strategy is to empower manufacturers and injection molders with the many benefits of digital fabrication,” said Dana McCallum, Head of Production Partnerships at Carbon. “By being part of the Carbon Production Network, our partners leverage a truly scalable, complete digital manufacturing platform that offers a faster process and creates high-quality, end-use parts with similar properties as injection molding and urethane casting.”

With the promise of 3D manufacturing now a reality, more production partners are adopting Carbon’s next-gen technologies to enable them to better serve their customers. This is especially true for injection molders, who have relied on the traditional molding processes to manufacture polymer parts for decades. While this time-tested process is robust, highly repeatable, and often ideal for high-volume production, it can be slow and costly for smaller and more customized jobs. Enter Carbon’s complete digital fabrication solution: an ideal alternative for designing, engineering, making and delivering bespoke products at scale.

The Carbon Production Network (CPN) is an elite ecosystem of the industry’s leading design firms and contract manufacturers who have implemented Carbon’s technology and demonstrated advanced capabilities in additive manufacturing, design, production, urethane casting, machining, and injection molding. The CPN offers a true partnership model that focuses on hands-on Advanced Training and Certification, Production Engineering, Marketing and Sales to help ensure its partners’ continued success.

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