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BIOMODEX Ribbon Cutting

BIOMODEX, a pioneering medical technology company that 3D-prints tissue-like anatomical twins from medical images, announced the grand opening of its new US corporate headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts. The new space, which includes corporate offices and a modern 3D-printing laboratory, will allow the Paris-based company to launch its expansion in the United States.

“We’re thrilled to find a home in the Boston-area among some of the world’s most innovative medical technology companies,” said Thomas Marchand, CEO and co-founder of BIOMODEX. “Opening an operation in Massachusetts lays the groundwork for our continued growth and success by providing access to talent and ideas, and allows us to speed turn-around time for our North American customers.”

BIOMODEX has developed a 3D printing method that makes tissue-like anatomical twins, such as complex blood vessels, that provide critical tactile feedback to the physician. The 3D printed replicas are created directly from patient-specific medical images, including MRIs and CT Scans, enabling physicians to rehearse complex procedures and train on new instruments and devices.

“Our vision is to reduce risk and improve patient outcomes by providing physicians an opportunity to test-drive procedures and train on new instruments and devices. Our solution provides an industry that relies on their hands with the critical tactile feedback it needs,” said Carolyn DeVasto, Vice President of Global Commercialization at BIOMODEX.

Manufacturing is already underway in Massachusetts, with plans to produce thousands of anatomical twins for physicians, health systems, researchers and medical device makers across North America over the course of 2019. The company says it also expects to hire additional employees in the coming year.

“We are pleased to welcome BIOMODEX into the rapidly growing community of Parisian start-ups with U.S. headquarters in New England,” said Arnaud Mentré, Consul General of France in Boston. “The company is a proud member of La FrenchTech Boston, which now represents more than 60 French entrepreneurs in the Greater Boston area. A vibrant example of the current dynamism of the French innovation scene, BIOMODEX intends to revolutionize interventional medicine with its 3D printed anatomical models.”

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