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BigRep, a manufacturer of one of the world's largest 3D printers, is pushing ahead with its international expansion plans by opening a new location in Brooklyn, New York City, in addition to Berlin and Singapore. The Berlin-based technology start-up has now established BigRep America Inc., which is represented by its own branch office in New Lab, an interdisciplinary co-working space in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, which is a cutting-edge hub for technology and industry start-ups. The New Lab specializes in providing a creative space for entrepreneurs of cutting edge technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing. The goal of BigRep America Inc. is to take advantage of the potential for growth and innovation in this dynamic environment and to better serve the growing US market.

"When we got the chance to become a part of the New Lab in Brooklyn, we were immediately excited and enthusiastic because the location fits perfectly for us and our history. Our head office in Berlin-Kreuzberg and our representative office in Brooklyn both have storied histories as leading industrial locations. We are very proud to be able to make a significant contribution with our 3D printing solutions, putting both locations once again at the forefront of the manufacturing industry. Our plan is to expand the team at BigRep America Inc. in the coming years to 50 employees. In addition to our established offices in Singapore and Berlin, New York City is an integral pillar supporting our international expansion strategy," says René Gurka, CEO of BigRep.

Eric L. Adams, Brooklyn Borough President, added, "The partnership between BigRep and New Lab is another milestone in the journey we began two years ago, a journey to bring Brooklyn closer with tech hubs around the world and therefore help Brooklyn companies to expand and bringing dynamic, new enterprises from around the world to our borough. I am excited for the potential growth and innovation that this latest collaboration will foster."

Gurka elaborates further on goals: "For the next few years, we will be stepping up our US operations in Brooklyn, by sharing our 3D printing expertise with other New Lab members, combining all of our innovative capabilities and solutions to enable future development. Customers and visitors to New Lab have the opportunity to learn more about our large-scale 3D printing solutions and to experience them live."

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