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BigRep announced the launch of the new BigRep Studio 3d printer, which is considerably smaller and lighter in terms of size (1022mm x 1660mm x 1500mm), build volume (500mm x 1000mm x 500mm) and total weight (approx. 250kg) than the "BigRep ONE". The "BigRep Studio" is easily transported and installed, and is primarily designed to be used for development and manufacturing purposes in corporate and educational environments. The "BigRep Studio" has an installed extruder with a 0.6 mm nozzle for fast and high-precision 3D printing, utilizing the high-temperature filament PRO-HT. The enclosed build chamber offers additional safety features. The "BigRep Studio" is the result of three years of industry experience and addresses market demand for a more compact BigRep product.

In addition to the new "BigRep Studio" printer, BigRep has also announced a cooperation with the German engineering company Kühling&Kühling. BigRep presented the VP 75 3d printer, which was developed and manufactured by Kühling&Kühling, as the new "BigRep Tech" printer. In the form of a delta printer, it is designed for high-end 3D printing solutions such as medical technology, due to its printing precision and the high-performance, high-tech print materials used. The "BigRep Tech" is the first 3D printer in BigReps’ product portfolio which can process technical plastic polycarbonate. This plastic is characterized by incredible strength, high impact resistance, robustness and hardness, and is ideally suited for applications in the med-tech field.

René Gurka, CEO of BigRep says: "We are very pleased to announce our cooperation with Kühling&Kühling. The two companies share the same quality and service philosophy. Thanks to our worldwide sales and service network, the Kühling&Kühling products can now not only be sold in Europe, but also in the US and Asia. Jonas and Simon Kühling are old hats in this young industry and have been building high-tech printers at their factory in Kiel for five years. The VP 75, which is distributed by us, has had one and a half years of development work. In the future we plan to implement joint development projects tailored to the needs of BigRep customers."

"Over the past three years, BigRep has not only performed well in products and materials, but has also built a sustainable, global network of partners for sales and service. We are convinced that with BigRep, we have found exactly the right partner to realize our future plans. We are delighted to be able to provide the VP 75 with BigReps’ support in the US and Asian markets as well as to support BigRep with our expertise in the development of future innovations", stated Simon Kühling.

Gurka adds: "At present BigRep is evolving at a fast pace. We are strategically developing our core business areas, so that we are in an excellent position to take advantage of future opportunities. Thanks to our new printer models "BigRep Tech" and "BigRep Studio", our exclusive cooperation with Kühling&Kühling, and our newly opened regional headquarters in the US and Singapore, we are continuing our strategy to significantly expand and establish a global presence."


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