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BigRep, a developer and manufacturer of one of the world's largest 3D printers, has brought on board Jörg Petri and Daniel Büning, two renowned pioneers in disruptive digital technologies from the interdisciplinary design studio NOWlab. Under the name of NOWlab@BigRep, Petri and Büning are now responsible for innovation in materials and applied research to develop cross-sector customized applications at the Berlin based tech start-up.

"With NOWlab@BigRep we can utilize our many years of experience in research, development and design in using new, generative manufacturing methods. The additive manufacturing is only at the beginning of its development - we're therefore delighted that this technology can now be actively pursued with our partners from industry and academia to jointly develop relevant application scenarios. We understand our business as "New Digital Craft", says Jörg Petri, Director of Innovation & Applications at BigRep.

René Gurka, CEO of BigRep: "We have often worked successfully in the last 18 months with Jörg and Daniel. With the acquisition of the NOWlab, the BigRep Campus in Berlin is currently growing at over 1500 square meter with more than 60 employees. With this step, we are investing heavily in the growing field of future consultation and closing a gap in the digital knowledge transfer within the field of 3D printing."

"With NOWlab@BigRep our internal innovation work takes an enormous step forward and will contribute to the many collaborative projects we are already engaged in with industrial partners, research institutions and universities. In addition to conducting research into the current generation of devices, we endeavor to develop solutions that address business-related challenges and satisfy our core business. This includes, for example, the combination of additive manufacturing and robotics", added Daniel Büning, Director of Innovation & Research at BigRep.

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