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BeAM Machines Modulo 400

BeAM Machines, SAS opened its Cincinnati-based U.S. subsidiary, BeAM Machines, Inc., earlier this year. The facility, operating as the BeAM Machines Solutions Center for North America, handles sales, service, process and material development, applications, R&D and training.

BeAM recently introduced their new Modulo 400 machine at formnext, an international conference and exhibition showcasing innovative manufacturing technologies and solutions of the future.

Says Tim Bell, General Manager of BeAM Machines, Inc., “We designed the Modulo 400 and its unique, integrated peripherals based upon feedback from our customers. Traditional DED systems place the required secondary equipment (laser, chiller, fume extractor, etc.), as well as the machine base outside the machine envelope, therefore requiring a considerable amount of floor space. The Modulo 400 fully integrates all required peripherals into the machine cabinet, significantly reducing the total required amount of floor space.”

He continues, “An additional feature of interest to specific industries and applications is the machine’s portability. Leveraging the machine’s compact footprint, the Modulo 400 easily fits inside a shipping container or traditional box truck, enabling ease of transportation and operation in remote locations such as offshore oil rigs, military conflict zones, etc. Designed and built to operate every day in these harsh conditions, the Modulo 400 is truly the future ‘factory in the field.’”

Bell concludes, “The Modulo 400 is offered with BeAM’s standard suite of options including a 2kW fiber laser, fully controlled atmosphere system, multiple deposition heads, touch trigger probe, and even a light duty milling spindle for dry machining. Once the machine is in position and properly set up, it simply requires an electrical connection and a supply of argon gas, and of course an AM technician that we are more than happy to train.”

BeAM will also soon be introducing the Modulo 250, an industrial DED solution that is even more compact. Specially designed for the activities of R&D, training and the production of parts for small dimension, this machine of high performance will be available in January 2018.

BeAM continues its international expansion and will soon open a Solutions Center in Singapore in order to offer better service its clients worldwide.

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