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Arcam AB launched Arcam Q10plus and Arcam Q20plus, a significantly enhanced generation of the Arcam Q-series EBM systems for Additive Manufacturing. With Qplus Arcam introduces Arcam xQam™, an X-ray based function for high precision auto-calibration and improved beam control.

The Arcam Qplus-series introduces important features facilitating efficient manufacturing:

  • Arcam xQam™ – an innovative X-ray based detection system for automatic calibration and improved beam control
  • EBM Control 5.0 – an all new software platform adding functionality for more efficient and accurate beam control as well as new melt strategies, improving build speed and precision
  • New electronics – bringing more efficient and accurate beam control

Arcam Qplus offers up to 25% higher productivity with significantly improved surface finish and precision.

“With the Arcam Q series-plus we sharpen our offering to our main markets, the implant industry and the aerospace industry. With the introduction of the innovative Arcam xQam™ technology, Arcam reinforces its commitment being at the technological forefront within industrial Additive Manufacturing”, says Magnus René, CEO of Arcam.

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