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DiSanto Technology Employees

The Board of Directors of Arcam AB has resolved to initiate a process to explore and evaluate strategic alternatives regarding DiSanto Technology Inc. (“DTI”), to strengthen its focus and capabilities within both Additive Manufacturing and conventional manufacturing.

As part of this process, the Company intends to consider a range of strategic and structural options, which may include, among other things, a restructuring, full or partial separation of DTI via a spin-off, sale, joint venture, strategic collaboration or other transaction.

The evaluation is part of Arcam's continued efforts to allocate resources and capital to maximize the advancement of Arcam’s offerings for its customers. Arcam’s objective is to strengthen DTI’s ability to serve as a contract manufacturing partner to orthopedic customers seeking to combine the benefits of additive manufacturing with traditional manufacturing capabilities.

There can be no assurance that this review will result in a transaction. Although Arcam expects to proceed in a timely manner, there is no timetable for completion of the review process and the Company does not intend to announce any updates other than what is required by law and the stock exchange rules.

Arcam has engaged Viant Capital, LLC as financial advisor to assist in the review of strategic alternatives for DTI.

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