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Arcam AB EBM Facility Härryda Göteborg

Arcam AB, a supplier of Additive Manufacturing solutions and part of GE Additive, has signed a lease agreement with Castellum for its EBM business to move into a refurbished 11,800 sqm. facility in Härryda, outside Göteborg.

This new and modern facility, almost three times the size of the current site, will offer Arcam EBM the ability to continue to expand and set the stage for the accelerated growth of the Additive Manufacturing industry. The space will significantly increase machine production capacity and allow for a more collaborative set-up within the company; uniting logistics, research and development, services and operations. The facility will be ready for move in the first quarter for 2019.

The expansion follows the September 2017 inauguration of a new powder manufacturing plant at AP&C in Canada.

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