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AddUp Acquires Poly-Shape

AddUp, a joint‐venture between Fives and Michelin, announced a project to acquire a majority stake in the French company Poly‐Shape.

Created in 2007 by Stéphane Abed, Poly‐Shape offers design services and the production of parts via the 3D metal printing process. Poly‐Shape has managed to develop an expertise recognized throughout Europe in metal additive manufacturing in numerous fields such as tooling, aeronautics, the medical and energy sectors, and more specifically the motor sports sector, working notably with a large number of Formula 1 teams. Poly‐Shape has a global service offer for the 3D printing of parts which integrates design assistance and the optimization of parts as well as finishing operations. The company has a large number of machines in 4 facilities: Salon‐de‐Provence, Saint‐Pierre‐du‐Perray and Le Coudray‐Montceaux in France as well as a facility in Carpi, Italy, also integrating post‐treatment equipment.

This majority stake acquisition will enable AddUp to expand its portfolio of applications and to strengthen its automobile market offer. “The proven know‐how in the production of parts, in particular in the motor sports field will help us improve our support to OEMs, and demonstrate the benefits and capacities of 3D printing, especially for top‐of‐the‐range vehicles” stated Vincent Ferreiro, AddUp’s CEO.

Thanks to Poly‐Shape, AddUp will also be able to reinforce its support offer in assessing the opportunities offered by 3D printing (AddUpThink and AddUpStart services offer) with new production capacities of POC (Proof of  Concept) parts including post‐treatment and additional finishing. Poly‐Shape’s acquisition will enable AddUp to offer its customers a unique access to a multi‐supplier, multi‐technology, multi‐material and multi‐application test platform in order to better define the best technological trade‐off regarding the production of their parts.

Poly‐Shape’s contribution will enable AddUp to accelerate the development of its machine and service offer by benefiting from the expertise Poly‐Shape’s teams have developed through 11 years of experience in the production of 3D metal parts as well as receiving immediate feedback as it uses AddUp machines.

“AddUp and Poly‐Shape share the same vision regarding the evolution of the world of 3D printing and the same passion for innovation. Poly‐Shape will benefit from AddUp’s proven expertise in the industrialization and management of machines as well as a reinforced access to the world of motor sports thanks to Michelin’s worldwide reputation. AddUp will bring additional resources to Poly‐Shape so that it can continue its development both in France and abroad. AddUp’s entry into Poly‐Shape’s capital is a recognition of the expertise and work carried out by the teams during these last few years” declared Stéphane Abed, Chairman of Poly‐Shape.

Philippe Veran, Chairman of Upperside and a founding shareholder of Poly‐Shape, declared “I have been happy to accompany Poly‐Shape’s wonderful teams since 2007 and to have participated in the evolution of a company with a recognized know‐how. AddUp’s investment into the capital represents a true opportunity for Poly‐Shape and its employees to continue its development and growth”.

This project of Poly‐Shape’s majority stake acquisition which follows the acquisition of BeAM at the beginning of June 2018, also confirms AddUp in its role as a leader of the 3D metal printing ecosystem.

The exact terms and conditions of the transaction have not been disclosed.

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