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Additive Orthopaedics 3D Printed Locking Lattice Plates

Additive Orthopaedics announced that is has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Patient Specific 3D Printed Locking Lattice Plates indicated for alignment, stabilization and fusion of fractures, osteotomies and arthrodesis of small bones such as the foot and ankle.

According to Greg Kowalczyk, President of Additive Orthopaedics, "There will always be a need for traditional off-the-shelf orthopaedic devices, but in cases of implant revisions, limb salvage, and trauma, using printing to manufacture a patient specific device can potentially lead to a better outcome. Although we are still in the early stages for 3D printed patient specific implants, it has been a terrific journey developing the market in foot and ankle orthopaedics."

Patient specific implants will be the cornerstone of Game Plan™, an integrated surgical planning system launching later this year.

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