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AME EOS M 400 DMLS Machine

Additive Manufacturing & Engineering (AME), located in Huntsville, Alabama announced acquisition of an EOS M 400 direct metal laser sintering machine. The build volume of the machine makes it suitable for use with large parts in the aerospace, medical and automotive industries.

With the recent acquisition AME can 3D print metal parts in inconel, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel or copper. Parts can be manufactured in sizes up to 400mm X 400mm X 400mm (16” X 16” X 16”). The machine is ideal for model and prototype production during development phases and for producing geometrically complex parts that cannot be produced using conventional manufacturing methods. AME’s machine can also mass produce larger quantities of smaller parts in a single production run.

AME is a startup company that specializes in metal additive manufacturing. AME has assembled a team of engineers, technicians, and metallurgists with a combined 35 years experience in additive manufacturing, including aerospace and military components, new materials development, and process optimization.

Collectively, the team has experience working with NASA, DoD, DoE, NIST, America Makes, and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences and are expert operators certified on EOS, Concept Laser, Arcam and others. AME’s team is experienced in metal heat treating as well as design optimization for Additive Manufacturing parts.

AME is actively pursuing compliance with NASA Standard MSFC-STD-3716 and NASA SPEC 3717.

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