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Additive Industries 10 Million Euro Expansion Funding Signing

Additive Industries, the Dutch manufacturer of industrial 3D metal printing systems, has secured a EUR 10 Million loan from BOM Brabant Ventures and existing shareholder Highlands to accelerate the growth towards a worldwide top 3 position. Since its inception in 2012, Highlands has been the stable financing partner of Additive Industries and is now joined by BOM Brabant Ventures, a regional investment fund aiming for a strong, sustainable, and future-proof Brabant. The Province of North-Brabant is the home of many high tech equipment OEMs with its concentration in and around Eindhoven, where Additive Industries was founded in 2012.

“Additive Industries plays an important role in ‘smart industry’ developments in Brabant, one of the cornerstones in our investment policy”, said Miriam Dragstra, CCO of Brabant Development Agency (BOM). “The company has everything in place to become a leading global player in its market. Both employment and innovation of Brabant manufacturing industries benefit from this. Therefore, we are proud to be financing Additive Industries’ growth plans and assist the ambitious management team to expand their global footprint”.

“From the start we have worked hard to build a stable and solid financial basis for the long term plans of Additive Industries”, added Jonas Wintermans, co-founder of Additive Industries and Board Member of Highlands, together with his brother Boris. “We have great confidence in the ambitions of the team. This loan is both a proof-point in the company history that underlines the trust we have in the team, as well as an essential fuel for further development of the business”.

“We are grateful for the continuous support we have received from Highlands since our inception as well as for the new partnership and trust of BOM Brabant Ventures. We will invest the funds in advancing our process & application development activities, increasing R&D and expanding our support infrastructure. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority”, concludes Ilko Bosman, CFO of Additive Industries.

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