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MetalFAB1 3D Printer

Additive Industries announced a new 4-laser version of the MetalFAB1 system for the North American market. The Dutch engineers have successfully designed the build chamber and optical sets for full field use of all four lasers. This allows the MetalFAB1 users to print large parts without stitching or being restricted to zones. All lasers can be used on the full build plate and automatic laser-to-laser self-calibration ensures a tight alignment. The modular architecture offers Additive Industries’ customers to start with one or two lasers and add more lasers later. This design also creates redundancy, if one laser would be down the other lasers can still finish the full build job after an automatic reassignment of the lasers.
Since delivery of the first MetalFAB1 to Airbus in Q1 last year, seven MetalFAB1 systems have been successfully implemented. Five have been tested intensively by Beta customers and meanwhile also the first production series systems have been installed, among others at BMW. These systems all contain 4 full field lasers for maximum productivity. The customer feedback has given Additive Industries the confidence to now officially launch the 4-full-field-laser option on the MetalFAB1 system. This option is available for all MetalFAB1 configurations, from the Process & Application Development Tool to the full scale production versions.

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