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Added Scientific 3D Printing Training Session

Added Scientific are to open their doors to the public for Additive Manufacturing training sessions in the Autumn of 2017. To address the growing demand for high quality and impartial training in Additive Manufacturing, Added Scientific will provide a programme of courses covering the important aspects needed for those looking to learn more about the technology. The founders of Added Scientific are also the academic team behind the prestigious Centre for Additive Manufacturing at the University of Nottingham.

Attendees can expect an intensive training curriculum organised and delivered by experts in Additive Manufacturing. Course content has been devised by the Directors of Added Scientific, who have unparalleled combined experience in the development of AM technologies through their research careers. Added Scientific are CPD registered training providers enabling attendees to take the training as part of their continuing professional development.

The first offering is for six courses:

  • Introduction to Additive Manufacturing (1 day)
  • Polymer Additive Manufacturing (2 day)
  • Metal Additive Manufacturing (2 day)
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing (1 day)
  • Economics of Additive Manufacturing (1 day)
  • Future Developments in Additive Manufacturing (1 day)

Since its incorporation in 2015, Added Scientific have been providing training and technical services and consultancy for companies looking to effectively implement AM into their business. Through public training courses, attendees will be able to learn the fundamental aspects of AM and 3DP to enable them to understand the benefits and the limitations of the technologies.

Director of Training and co-founder of Added Scientific, Phill Dickens, has devised the course content based on a lifetime of dedication to the advancement of 3D printing technologies which traces back as early as 1991, when he set up the first research group dedicated to rapid prototyping. Since then a great deal has changed in the industry and with the technologies. The founders of Added Scientific have been at the very forefront of these advancements and today help pioneer the development of the fundamental science which will underpin the next generation, multi-material and multi-functional Additive Manufacturing technologies.

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