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3D Systems announced four new LaserForm® metal materials for precision metal part production in healthcare, aerospace, dental and other applications.

LaserForm materials are extensively tested and optimized for 3D Systems’ metal printers to deliver high-resolution part quality and consistent part properties. The materials are supported by a rich material database compiled from the outcomes of nearly half a million challenging builds performed by the company’s metal production facilities.

The new materials include:

  • LaserForm Ni625 (A), a nickel cobalt chrome material ideal for applications requiring high temperature and corrosion resistance as well as high strength. LaserForm Ni625 (A) enables shorter lead times and reduced cost over conventional production methods in most applicable industries.
  • LaserForm CoCrF75 (A), a cobalt chrome material well suited for industrial parts requiring resistance to corrosion, wear and high temperatures. LaserForm CoCrF75 (A) is specifically suited for medical tools and devices; dental implants and prostheses; molds and dies; high wear industrial applications; and parts requiring high strength at elevated temperatures.
  • LaserForm 17-4PH (A), a stainless steel material for parts that require excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and good toughness.
  • LaserForm AlSi10Mg (A), an aluminum material for parts that require lighter weights, good mechanical properties and high thermal conductivity, particularly in industrial, automotive and aerospace applications.

3D Systems also introduced DMP Vision™ to enable process monitoring for new and existing ProX® DMP 320 customers. The DMP hardware and software kit enables layer by layer image data collection and analytics to help customers increase precision in their metal printing workflow. These insights provide users with helpful feedback to optimize their build strategy and regulate their builds for improved quality control, reporting and process archiving.

3D Systems will also begin bundling its innovative 3DXpert workflow software with all its direct metal printers next month. 3DXpert reduces design and print time and produces better parts by combining powerful print preparation, shape optimization, printing strategies and slicing capabilities.

“The addition of DMP Vision and 3DXpert, combined with our new LaserForm materials, enhances our ability to deliver leading precision metal solutions to customers who require the highest standards for surface finish, resolution and quality parts,” said Kevin McAlea, EVP, General Manager, Metals & Healthcare, 3D Systems.

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