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Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing.pdf
The use of a low cost 3D scanning and printing tool in the manufacture of custom-made foot orthoses - a preliminary study.pdf
The chemical, mechanical, and physical properties of 3D printed materials composed of TiO2-ABS nanocomposites.pdf
The Case of Distributed Manufacturing of Customizable 3-D-Printable Self-Adjustable Glasses.pdf
Technical Procedures for Template-Guided Surgery for Mandibular Reconstruction Based on Digital Design and Manufacturing.pdf
Tailoring the grain structure of IN718 during selective electron beam melting.pdf
Surface Roughness and Morphology Customization of Additive Manufactured Open Porous Ti6Al4V Structures.pdf
Surface modification of additive manufactured Ti6Al4V alloy with Ag nanoparticles - wettability and surface morphology study.pdf
Residual stress of as-deposited and rolled wire+arc additive manufacturing Ti–6Al–4V components.pdf
Recent advances in 3D printing of biomaterials.pdf
Qualification of laser based additive production for manufacturing of forging Tools.pdf
Processing of Al–12Si–TNM composites by selective laser melting and evaluation of compressive and wear properties.pdf
Planar and Three-Dimensional Printing of Conductive Inks.pdf
Open-Source Syringe Pump Library.pdf
Novel Prospects and Possibilities in Additive Manufacturing ofCeramics by means of Direct Inkjet Printing.pdf
Modeling of time dependent localized flow shear stress and its impact on cellular growth within additive manufactured titanium implants.pdf
Metal vapor micro-jet controls material redistribution in laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing.pdf
Mechanical Properties and Microstructures of As Printed and Heat Treated Samples of Selective Laser Melted IN625 Alloy Powder.pdf
Investigation of the HA film deposited on the porous Ti6Al4V alloy prepared via additive manufacturing.pdf
Investigation of mechanical properties for open cellular structure CoCrMo alloy fabricated by selective laser melting process.pdf
Initial Work on the Characterization of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Using Software Image Analysis.pdf
Influence of Different 3D Open Porous Titanium Scaffold Designs on Human Osteoblasts Behavior in Static and Dynamic Cell Investigations.pdf
In-process sensing in selective laser melting (SLM) additive manufacturing.pdf
In situ absorptivity measurements of metallic powders during laser powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing.pdf
In House Enhanced 3D Printing of Complex AAA for EVAR Treatment Planning and Preoperative Simulation.pdf
Implementing an ISO 9001 Management Systems in Processes of Additive Manufacturing for Medical Use.pdf
Impact of Contour Crafting on Civil Engineering.pdf
Guide to Post-Printing Advanced Polymers - Support Removal Challenges & Technology Opportunities.pdf
Fundamental consolidation mechanisms during selective beam melting of powders.pdf
From tissue to silicon to plastic - three-dimensional printing in comparative anatomy and physiology.pdf
Free and Open-source Control Software for 3-D Motion and Processing.pdf
Fluid mechanics of additive manufacturing of metal objects by accretion of droplets – a survey.pdf
FEA and 3D Printing, the Perfect Match.pdf
Fatigue Performance of laser additive Manufactured Ti–6al–4V in Very high cycle Fatigue regime.pdf
Examining the Relationship between Forces During Stereolithography 3D Printing and Geometric Parameters of the Model.pdf
Enhancing student learning through rapid prototyping and testing - 3D printing technologies across disciplines.pdf
Embracing the Digital in Instrument Making - Towards a Musician-tailored Mouthpiece by 3D Printing.pdf
Embracing additive manufacture - implications for foot and ankle orthosis design.pdf
eLearning and eMaking - 3D Printing Blurring the Digital and the Physical.pdf
Effect of Building Height on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Big-Sized Ti-6Al-4V Plate Fabricated by EBM.pdf
Dimensional Accuracy and Surface Finish Optimization of Fused Deposition Modelling Parts using Desirability Function Analysis.pdf
Digital Additive Manufacturing - A Paradigm Shift in the Production Process and Its Socio-economic Impacts.pdf
Designing and Additive Manufacturing A Prototype for A Novel Instrument for Mandible Fracture Reduction.pdf
Design of hydraulic recuperation unit.pdf
Design and development of human factors based shoe midsole using additive manufacturing.pdf
Denudation of metal powder layers in laser powder bed fusion processes.pdf
Delivery of Antibiotics from Cementless Titanium-Alloy Cubes May Be a Novel Way to Control Postoperative Infections.pdf
Circular Economy - Questions for Responsible Minerals, Additive Manufacturing and Recycling of Metals.pdf
Challenges of additive manufacturing technologies from an optimisation perspective.pdf
Cardiothoracic 3D Printing - Workflow and Applications for Clinical Practice.pdf
Bulk Compounding of PCL-PEO Blends for 3D Plotting of Scaffolds for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering.pdf
Bioprinting - A Further Step to Effective Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering.pdf
Biomedical Applications from a Direct Digital Manufacturing Perspective.pdf
Backbone cup - a structure design competition based on topology optimization and 3D printing.pdf
Automotive manufacturing technologies – an international viewpoint.pdf
Assessment of biocompatibility of 3D printed photopolymers using zebrafish embryo toxicity assays.pdf
Application of Additive Manufacturing on Three Dimensional Printing.pdf
An Open Source 3-D Printed Modular Micro-Drive System for Acute Neurophysiology.pdf
An innovative machine for Fused Deposition Modeling of metals and advanced ceramics.pdf
AlSi12 in-situ alloy formation and residual stress reduction using anchorless selective laser melting.pdf
Advanced Material Studies for Additive Manufacturing in terms of Future Gear Application.pdf
Additively-manufactured piezoelectric devices.pdf
Additively Manufactured IN718 Components with Wirelessly Powered and Interrogated Embedded Sensing.pdf
Additive Manufacturing of Inconel 718 Using Electron Beam Melting - Processing, Post-Processing, & Mechanical Properties.pdf
Additive Manufacturing of Al Alloys and Aluminium Matrix Composites (AMCs).pdf
Additive Manufacturing Cloud via Peer-robot Collaboration.pdf
Additive Manufacturing - Make or Buy.pdf
Additive Manufacturing - A Renaissance for Powder Metallurgy Research.pdf
Additive Manufacturing - a Metallurgical Perspective.pdf
A synchrotron study of microstructure gradient in laser additively formed epitaxial Ni-based superalloy.pdf
A study on the influence of process parameters on the Mechanical Properties of 3D printed ABS composite.pdf
A Simple, Low-Cost Conductive Composite Material for 3D Printing of Electronic Sensors.pdf
A review on powder-based additive manufacturing for tissue engineering - selective laser sintering and inkjet 3D printing.pdf
A Review of Additive Manufacturing.pdf
A PHM Approach to Additive Manufacturing Equipment Health Monitoring, Fault Diagnosis, and Quality Control.pdf
3D-Printed Microwell Arrays for Ciona Microinjection and Timelapse Imaging.PDF
3D Printing of Continuous Carbon Fibre Reinforced Thermo-Plastic (CFRTP) Tensile Test Specimens.pdf
3D Printing and Ophthalmology for the Community.pdf
3D Printed Models of Complex Anatomy in Cardiovascular Disease.pdf
3d printed macroporous polylactic acidhydroxyapatite composite scaffolds for promoting bone formation in a critical-size rat.pdf
3-D Printing of Elements in Frequency Selective Arrays.pdf

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