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3D Platform announces an all-new line of additive manufacturing systems and fast filament extruders. New standard and optional extruders accelerate print speeds from 2x to 16x. With throughput at this scale, customers can speed up R&D, and bring new products to market faster than ever before.

3D Platform has already offered large build areas and with the addition of an all-new series of 3D printing systems, customers can now realize a 2x increase in print size potential.

Whether you are a business that seeks a rapid ROI, or an organization that requires low-cost entry into large-format 3D printing, 3D Platform has the solution. With prices starting at $14,999 and speed upgrades starting at $2,500, organizations and businesses can invest with confidence. With 3D Platform, you always know that both purchase price and operating costs are optimized. Customers can choose from a wide variety of open market filament and software that can deliver up to a 90% savings on investment.

Responding to customer financial demands, 3D Platform has built a roadmap to allow investments to appreciate. 3DP has an explicit business model that protects investment in our products, with upgrade paths that support machines back through to introductory models.

“In 2014 we introduced the 3DP 1000, establishing the large-format category. 3DP is now the trusted leader in the space, with the most installations of open-market, large-format 3D printers. Our new series of machines is a direct response to what our customers have asked for,” added Jonathan Schroeder, President of 3D Platform.

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